Envato Market Avis: the best choice for your creative projects

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When it comes to finding the best online resources for your creative projects, it can be difficult to choose the right platform. Envato Market has positioned itself as a go-to option with its wide range of products and services to suit every need. In this article, we'll take a look at Envato Market's highlights and what customers have to say about their experience using this platform.

What is Envato Market?


Envato Market is a marketplace online resource centre offering thousands of resources for design, web development and audiovisual production professionals. It offers a wide range of products such as WordPress themes, PowerPoint templates, sound effects and much more. The platform allows creators to sell their works and users to buy them for use in their own projects.

Main product categories available on Envato Market

  • Themes and templates for CMS (WordPress, Shopify, Joomla)
  • Graphic templates (logos, banners, business cards)
  • Royalty-free sound effects and music
  • Plugins and scripts for websites
  • Videos and animations (intros, transitions, 3D elements)

The benefits of Envato Market


According to customer reviewsHere are some of Envato Market's key strengths:

A wide selection of products

Envato Market offers an impressive range of creative resources to suit every need. Whatever the nature of your project, you're likely to find what you need on this platform.

A simple, secure purchasing process

Buying on Envato Market is child's play: simply create an account, search for the product you want, add it to your basket and proceed to payment. The platform uses secure payment methods to guarantee the protection of customer data.

Support for independent designers

By buying from Envato Market, you are directly supporting the independent designers who sell their work on the platform. This promotes diversity in the design sector and gives designers the opportunity to monetise their work.

Customer reviews of Envato Market


To better understand what users think of the platform, we have compiled some of the most common customer reviews on Envato Market :

Product quality

Customers are generally satisfied with the quality of the products available on Envato Market. The resources offered are often well designed, easy to use and compatible with the most common software and tools.

Customer service and support

Some customers report positive experiences with the Envato Market support service. The support teams are generally responsive and provide appropriate solutions to any problems encountered.

Price and value

Opinions on Envato Market's prices are divided. Some believe that the platform offers good value for money for most of its products, while others consider certain items to be too expensive. It should be noted that prices vary according to product type and level of complexity.

Alternatives to Envato Market


While Envato Market is a great way to find creative resources, there are also other ways to find them. alternatives on the market:

  • Creative Market : another online platform offering thousands of products for web designers and developers
  • Adobe Stock : a bank of images, videos and graphics from Adobe, ideal for users of Photoshop, Illustrator or After Effects
  • Fiverr : a services site where you can hire freelancers to carry out specific tasks related to design, programming or content creation

It is essential to assess your project requirements and compare the different options to determine which platform is best suited to your needs.

In a nutshell


Envato Market is an online platform offering a wide range of products and services for design, web development and audiovisual production professionals. Customers generally appreciate the quality of the resources on offer, as well as the support and assistance provided by Envato Market. However, it is also worth considering the alternatives available on the market before making a final choice.